About Our Shop



Eshe means 'LIFE' in Swahili & we take pride in knowing that our pieces are making your life easier!

Founded in 2012 by a Mother, Daughter Team, Mia & Annette Wallce, Eshe is 

Unparalleled Style


She was a beautiful dreamer who looked fear dead in the eyes & dared it to try & take her down. 
Our  Collections were created for the woman who dares to turn her dreams in to reality. Each piece is well tailored & crafted for the classic minimalist with a feminine yet sexy edge who desires to stand out without over thinking her wardrobe. Our designs can be worn multiple ways, making it easy for you to transition through every season & life. We believe Women should have the freedom to move through the waking world as if they are at rest & every day should feel like a comfortable dream.